Terms And Conditions

1.Member acknowledges that he has studied the risks and safety rules applicable to the safe operation of radio-controlled aircraft, and undertakes for the benefit of the Club and all of its members to observe such safety rules, and any operational rules imposed by the Club or at its direction, at all times when utilizing Club facilities. Member further acknowledges that he/she is aware that the use and operation of radio controlled aircraft presents appreciable risks of property damage, bodily injury and/or death which can be mitigated, but not eliminated, by prudent operating practices and adherence to accepted rules of operation intended for the safety of the operator, bystanders and the public. Member appreciates that, even when operated with care, radio controlled aircraft are subject to sudden and accidental events due to wind, weather, mechanical failure and other causes beyond the control of the operator and/or bystanders.

2. Our mission is to successfully promote our club and the interests of helicopter model aviation. We will achieve this mission when all of our members work toward this common goal. As such, all members, active and applicants will abide by our Code of Conduct and will: a) At all times, demonstrate safe, good and sound judgment on the ground and in the air. b) Follow all club and field rules which are posted at the field, no exceptions. c) Support the interests of our club and support the club mission. e) Demonstrate good behavior which politely and professionally promotes the hobby/sport of model aviation. f) Will avoid using foul language and verbally or physically abusing each other. g) Will be particularly sensitive to good common sense behavior in the presence of youth. In addition, Members are encouraged to attend club meetings.

3. For and in consideration of the benefits of membership, each and every member hereby agrees to assume all of the risks of injury and/or death which are inherent in the operation of radio controlled aircraft, and/or in being present in a place where such devices are operated under the control of others and further hereby agrees to release, defend and hold the Club and it’s officers harmless from any and all claims, losses, causes of action or damages whatsoever, including the costs of defense, associated with any claim or lawsuit arising out of any use of the facilities provided and or maintained by the Club. Each member further agrees, for himself, and for his successors, heirs, wrongful death beneficiaries and assigns and for the benefit of every other member, that neither he/she, nor anyone claiming under him/her, shall seek any recovery of losses, costs or damages of any kind from any other member in excess of the insurance coverage available to such member, provided that the protections associated with this clause shall not inure to the benefit of any member who has not obtained and keep in full force and effect the insurance coverage required by the Club’s rules, nor shall these protections run in favor of any member who has caused injury to the person or property of another intentionally.