Getting Started

Getting in:

  1. The combination for the main gate can be found on this website.
  2. Hours are 8 am through sunset.
  3. Enter the locked gate: The gate chain has multiple locks “in series” with 2 chains to make one loop.  One is the NEHC lock that the combination works on, the other is the field owner’s.  When you close up, lock our lock in “series with the others.”  This lets the field owner employees and NEHC members both use the gates.  If we lock the gate incorrectly, it is a major problem!!!
  4. If you have a problem and can’t get in, call Jeremy’s nearby shop: 508-549-9959

Pick your field:

  1. Main field: We typically fly at the main flight stations near the container/shelter facing east or just past the stream on the road facing east or west.  The map on the back may help.  We do not fly from the road over the main field.
  2. Hover zone:  When we’re flying from the main field container/shelter side, the hover zone is the station nearest the road.  It is for hover only..set-up flights, micro helicopters, newbies, and so on.
  1. Small Field:  Though seldom used, on the right as you enter is a small field for *electric* heli’s being controlled by spread spectrum radios only.  NO EXCEPTIONS and even if you’re flying alone!  This is to ensure we don’t aggravate neighbors with noise and don’t have radio conflicts.

Tips: There is a lot of room and with a little care, we should all enjoy a safe time at the field.  We all must abide by our Code of Conduct and Safety Rules.  A few pointers or key safety considerations:

  1. It’s a members only club and it’s important to know who we all are.  If you don’t recognize someone—introduce yourself.  No guests without a member host.
  2. No flying closer than 20’.  The mowed take off area tells you how close is acceptable.  Obviously, no flying over the pilot area.
  3. Keep within your flight station boundaries so that everyone can fly without worry.
  4. Beginners should have a “chaperone” or coach—to save your equipment when stressed, and to keep us all safe.